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Long Island Boat Rentals: How Do We Work?

Welcome to the LIBR “How it Works” page.  On this page can be found our general rental policies and frequently asked questions to help provide you with the answers to get you out on the water soon!


Our Mission Statement

“Long Island Boat Rentals strives to offer safe, no-hassle, cost effective boating to our customers”.   We have a solution for you; whether you are someone who wants to become a boater, a casual-boater on vacation, a lifetime-boater without a boat, or you just want to get out and enjoy being on the water using a licensed captain.

Not only do we want to provide premium boats for our customers to enjoy, but we also want to ensure that our customers are safe boaters.  That is why we provide access to boating education.  We encourage our customers to earn the New York State Safe Boating Certificate and offer access to practical on the water training to ensure safe boating practices.

Long Island Boat Rentals provides premium Powerboat Rentals and Private Yacht Charters.* Our fleet is separated into Powerboat Rentals, ranging from 20 – 24 feet and Private Yacht Charters, with yachts ranging from 37 – 46 feet.


Rental Boats

Customers can operate our rental boats on their own, given that the customer meets the Knowledge and Exp3erience requirements.

For those individuals who have no boating experience, or would prefer the convenience of someone handling one of the boats for them from the Rental Fleet on a selected trip can hire a licensed captain for an additional charge, and we are glad to arrange for this service. Since captains are typically not available on short-notice, a reservation should be made to assure we can accommodate your desires.

All our rental boats are equipped with easy-to-use Garmin GPS’s with depth sounders, waterproof navigation charts, life preservers, all safety equipment required by the USCG. Child life preservers required for children under 13.


Boat Rental Periods

To best accommodate all of our customers, rental boats operate on a schedule between the hours of 9:00am to 8:00pm. There are three types of rentals, consisting of Half-Day rentals (3 hrs.), Day rentals (7 hrs.), and Twilight rentals (7 hrs.).

Hours Half-Day Rental Day Rental Twilight Rental
9:00 AM

 Morning Rental

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

 Day Rental

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

10:00 AM
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
1:00 PM

 Afternoon Rental

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

 Twilight Rental

1:00 PM – 8:00 PM

2:00 PM
3:00 PM
4:00 PM
5:00 PM

 Evening Rental

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

6:00 PM
7:00 PM
8:00 PM  Dusk


While these Rental Boats are designed for experienced boaters to enjoy on their own, Long Island Boat Rentals can arrange for a captain to escort you on a trip using one of our Rental powerboats. Alternatively, we can assist in proving you training through outside experts offering the New York Safe Boating Certification.


Private Yacht Charters

Customers can experience the luxury of their own private yacht with a licensed captain included.  These licensed captains are selected through references and must carry a current captain;s license to operate our vessels.  Private Yacht Charters are ideal for any occasion, whether it is spending a day out on Long Sound to cruise and swim, seeing Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty by boat, or experiencing a spectacular sunset cruise to dinner! You can do all of these in one day with a captain handling the vessel, allowing you time with your friends and family.


Scheduling Your Charter – Differences from Rental Practices

Private Yacht Charters are booked hourly with a minimum period of 4 hours and can operate after dark.

*Rates for Powerboat Rentals & Yacht Charters exclude fuel costs. Fuel consumed during the period will be determined at the end of the voyage.


Book a Reservation**

Reserving your boat with has never been easier and more convenient with the ability to book online, or over the phone.  Our easy-to-use online reservation software allows you to book reservations from your computer or mobile device on our website 24/7, with availability updated every second.

Making a reservation has never been easier and can be done on our reservation page.

**Online reservations for the same day will not be accepted. Please call to book on the same day.  For reservation that will include a licensed captain, the reservation must be made at least 48 hours in advance.


Rental Policies

Please find the link to our Rental Policy here:  Rental Policy.  We encourage everyone to read that and become familiar with our policies in renting a boat.   These cover everything from insurance to having to cancel due to weather among the other relevant topics of concern to renters. If you are not familiar with these policies and would like a question answered, please inquire with our staff.  We want all our customers to be fully aware and educated about all aspects of boat rental with Long Island Boat Rentals so nothing about our service comes as a surprise.


Boating Courses & Lessons

At Long Island Boat Rentals, safe boating is of paramount importance. To ensure safe boating, education is essential to safe boating, both from a book learning as well as a practical on-water perspective.  We work with licensed instructors and education providers, including the US Power Squadron, to provide the necessary training to our customers.  Throughout the year, we continue to help facilitate access to educational courses and programs to improve the boating knowledge of our customers. Please click here to go to our Educational Resources page for more information.



Renting versus Buying – Why Renting May Be More Cost Effective

We seek to offer the most value to the casual boater in the Northeast who wants to enjoy being out on the water in the summer months, while avoiding all the downsides of owning a boat.  Those who have owned a boat in the Northeast know that boat ownership comes with many fixed costs: Winter storage and summer dockage, insurance, regular maintenance and the unexpected, but always present repair costs.

If you are unfortunate, and need repair during the 6-8 boating months, the average cost of ownership goes up dramatically.  Finally, there is the “hassle factor” of coordinating all these items along with chasing down the mechanic when the boat has a problem. Finally, there is the preparation and clean-up from a day on the water – it takes time and energy right when you want to go home.


Rental versus Purchase:
Make Sure You Consider
All the Costs

We used our own personal experience in calculating an estimated “fully loaded” cost of annual ownership for a 24’ center console similar to one of the boats in our fleet.  The costs were as follows:

Insurance: $500
Summer Dockage: $1300
Winter Storage: $1300
Motor Prep and Tune up: $1000
Hauling and Launching: $ 600

Sub-total:  $5000
Depreciation: $4300*

Total: $9000

The cost most people seem to forget when assessing the cost of boat ownership is the depreciation (as it is a sunk cost once the boat is purchased).  The calculation for the 7 year-old boat in our example comes to an estimated $4300* a year, raising the overall fully loaded estimated annual cost to $9000.

For the same cost,  an individual can rent the same premium Sea Ray almost 11 times during the premium weekend days. If you rent during the weekdays, you gain an extra 15% more rental time due to our discounts on Monday through Thursday, making the rental even more attractive.

Considering that there are only about 15 reliable boating weather weekends during the season, when you take into account everyone’s busy schedule and bad weather, the costs of renting and owning are much more aligned than most people realize.  With renting, you have none of these direct costs, responsibilities or headaches!

* The average annual decline in the market value of the boat over 7 years of ownership.