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Rental Policies

Reservation Policy

• The total rental fee (incl. sales tax) holds a reservation on a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. This amount is charged to the renter’s credit card at the time the reservation is made.
• The renter must be experienced in the handling and operation of the vessel, know & abide by the rules of the road. You MUST be 18 years old with a valid driver’s license to rent a boat. A $1500 security deposit is charged to the renter’s credit card prior to rental boat departure. The renter is responsible for the first $2,000 of any damages that may occur. Gas & other expenses are charged to the renter’s credit card separate from the deposit.
• A signed contract (which includes operator’s social security number) must be on file before boat departure.
• Rental boats leave the Port Washington location at 9 am & return at 4 pm. Boats must stay in Long Island Sound, within the area bound by the Throgs Neck Bridge to the West and a line between Huntington Bay (South side of Sound) and Norwalk, CT (North side of the Sound) to the East.
• Refunds are not given for unboatable days or boats returned early during a multiple day rental period.
• Mid-Week Special 10% Off – Daily rate only! Not to be combined with already discounted rates. Not applicable on lessons or holidays.

Cancellation Policy

• NON-HOLIDAY reservations require 48 hour notice of cancellation to receive a refund, anything less than 48 hours notice; the customer will receive a rental credit for another day within the 2011 season.
• NON-HOLIDAY- In the event of unboatable weather as determined by Long Island Boat Rentals- the customer will be given the choice of either a refund or a credit for a future Rental within the 2011 season.
• On a HOLIDAY reservation there are NO REFUNDS –NO CANCELLATIONS! Rental Credit only
• Holidays: (incl. weekend of) MEMORIAL DAY July 4th LABOR DAY

Late Return Policy

• Renters are charged a $400 late fee when rental boats are returned after the 4:00 PM return time.

Customer Responsibilities

• All rental boats are insured by Long Island Boat Rentals, LLC for liability & collision. However, any kind of damage done to due to customer negligence, for example: ripped upholstery, damaged gelcoat, missing equipment, improper dockage, etc. will not be covered under Long Island Boat Rentals, LLC insurance. The renter will be held responsible for the first $2,000 of any damages that occur. Rental boat use from dusk to dawn is not permitted. Should the renter choose to ignore this policy and damage occurs during the prohibited time period, the renter will be 100% responsible for all damages.
• The person signing the rental agreement MUST be the one operating the boat or rental equipment, as this person is the one held responsible for ALL damages to the vessel, contents, & actions of their passengers. State law requires children under the age of 12 wear a life vest while onboard.
• NYS Boating Law states that the person renting the boat is responsible for having all legally required equipment aboard & considers operating a vessel in excess of its capacity rating (combined weight of persons, motor, & gear), hazardous skiing, seat, gunwale, transom riding, and wake jumping negligent operation.
• Long Island Boat Rentals, LLC reserves the right to terminate the boat rental if negligent operation occurs during the rental. Exercise courtesy & common sense.
• The renter must report any malfunction, breakdown, or accident of the rental craft to Long Island Boat Rentals, LLC immediately.
• ALL New York State/ Federal BWI & DWI rules apply. The use of alcohol and/or narcotics is not permitted!
• All rental boats are checked in and checked out. The operator MUST be present to sign both check-in & check-out forms unless a signed disclaimer is on file.
• Location of a rental boat docked or moored off premise must be on file. When mooring, we require a 150 lbs. mushroom mooring be used w/ 20’ boats, and 300 lbs. with 23’+ boats.
• NO ANIMALS (dogs, etc) are allowed on rental boats at any time.
• Renters are responsible for cost of GAS they use & any propeller damage that may occur.
• Waterskiing, Wakeboarding and ALL Water Toys are not permitted to be used with Rental Boats.

Delivery and Shipping Policy

Delivery and Rental of Boats are only available out of Inspiration Wharf, Port Washington, NY. We do not deliver or ship our boat rentals.